Bosom for a Pillow

Baby Kitten loves a good duvet. Not in the way Kitten does, Kitten likes to sleep on the duvet. Baby Kitten gets under there and uses it.

Baby Kitten can’t sleep unless her head is pressing against Human face somehow. We settled for boob cushion last night instead. This seems a suitable replacement.

Teaching Baby

Kitten brought back a sizeable live mouse, presumably to teach Baby Kitten how to hunt. She is now mighty cross Humans have taken it away and has gone out in a huff.

Special Place

Baby Kitten playing in Human’s study while Kitten enjoys the sunshine (it has rained for three days and we have been most displeased).

Baby Kitten shares Kitten’s love of fly hunting but doesn’t understand why insect doesn’t want to play with her.

Monday Evenings

Kitten is downstairs upturning all the shoes in search of Vim. Human What Cycles to Work is assisting and keeping her company.

Baby Kitten running around the hall squeaking away and shaking off all that energy.

Good night, humans.

The Nut

Baby Kitten has had really good night. Played for half an hour, then went to sleep. Woke Human at 6am for cuddles and then went back to sleep tucked underneath duvet using human arm as a pillow.


Blanket Bandits

Humans have returned from night away at the coast. Kittens babysat by Human What Likes Dogs.

Both Kitten and Baby Kitten settled now Humans have returned.