If Everyone Was Like Willow…

Then we would be the most fiercely independent, together, smart women at the top of the food chain. We wouldn’t take any sugar from anyone, and we would love the people who chose to be good to us. We might wander, but we would always come back. We wouldn’t let anyone put their mark on us, we would own ourselves and our freedom.

We would be graceful Amazons with multicoloured toe beans.

If Everyone Was Like Hazel…

Then none of us would be very smart. 

We would, however, be brilliantly happy. We would have moments of mischief. We would greet everyone we meet with curiosity and interest. We would love those around us and be unafraid of showing it. We would do our best to be brave, and when we can’t, know where to turn for reassurance. We would know that life is for playing, and when another person isn’t so nice to us, we would give them a second chance, because maybe they just had an off day. 

If everyone was like Hazel, it would be a lovely world to live in.


Kitten left a present for Human (read: baby mouse, chewed in half) in the bedroom. 

Kitten left a present (read: whole baby mouse) for Human What Cycles to Work in the hallway. 

Kitten left a present (read: slightly chewed baby mouse) for Human What Likes Dogs in the living room. 

Apparently she feels like Oprah this morning.

All Home

Kitten sleeping next to Human What Cycles to Work. Monster sleeping between HWCtW and Human. Everyone safe. Human settled. Night night.