Night Night

Human has tucked Kitten in to bed and now it is time to play with the Little Monster so that Human can sleep without being assaulted. Little Monster very taken with the bath tub and pressing the flush button on the loo.

Coming Home

Kitten met Human halfway up the road on her way home from work and trotted back like a happy little puppy. Cross because the tap in the sky keeps coming on but easily appeased with a box.

Calling in Stuck to Cat

Kitten would like Human to stay home and play in the garden today. Alas, Human has to work to pay for expensive cat food. 

Kitten merrily running around playing until Human left. Then sad face watching from the grass.


Kitten Raves

Kitten is growing up quick, now looks like an adult and thinks she’s an adult and is out all the hours God sends unless she’s hungry or sad (she absolutely got this from her Human mother).

Out of my mouth today came, “This house is not a hotel, you know.”

… Ah. Adulthood. How do I make it stop?

Meeting One

Both kittens met each other properly for about 20 minutes today, lots of play and figuring out each other’s limits. 

Positive first steps.

Bosom for a Pillow

Baby Kitten loves a good duvet. Not in the way Kitten does, Kitten likes to sleep on the duvet. Baby Kitten gets under there and uses it.

Baby Kitten can’t sleep unless her head is pressing against Human face somehow. We settled for boob cushion last night instead. This seems a suitable replacement.