Kitten 10 – Human 10

Kitten continues to show lovely temperament, though knows she’s cute and is learning to use this to her advantage (send help).

Kitten has had chicken from Human’s hand and has pretended she needs it breaking up into smaller pieces. Human doesn’t mind. 

Kitten now watching Human What Has Cooked Delicious Nommables intently. 


We collected Orlando’s ashes today. 

He’s sitting pride of place, along with our wedding album and photographs of the people we love.

He came home with Kitten, Who Had her vaccinations and protested the Damnable Cat Carry Box all the way there and all the way back. She met my parents, as he once did, and sat with me on the sofa to sleep. Human fidgets too much.

We will miss him terribly, as we have for the last week and a half. But he’s home now, and that’s where he loved to be. 

Kitten 9 – Human 7

Kitten is cross that she isn’t allowed outside until stitches heal and vaccinations are given. Displeasure expressed vocally and constantly. 

Humans will not sleep if they continue this unfair imprisonment.

Kitten 8 – Human 7

Kitten wakes human at 4am with further threats of waking Human What Has Work Tomorrow.

Human bumbles downstairs. Kitten wants breakfast (or supper, in her case). Human provides this and returns upstairs.

Kitten decides this is unsatisfactory and follows human to shout at her. She may not leave the table whilst someone is still eating! Human is rude! 

Kitten henceforth eats supper and every four mouthfuls, human receives the Mum is Disappointed with Your Recent Decisions face. This continues until bowl is empty.

Kitten would also like cuddles but would like to knead that patch of naked skin instead of the fluffy robe and only that patch.

Kitten settles. Human takes leg/tassel back to bed.

Kitten 7 – Human 7

Human believes she and kitten are now on equal footing after successful transfer of small kitten home. Human and Human What Has Work Tomorrow now recovering from heart attack.

Kitten plotting but no worse for wear.

Kitten 6 – Human 1

4pm. Kitten is upset by hairball and crawls into human lap for comfort. Kitten looks pleased by this development. Human does, too.

4:15pm. Kitten departs lap to drop another stinker. Human’s eyebrows will never grow back.

Human is starting to wonder where tiny kitten stores all of this stink.

Kitten 6 – Human 0

Kitten wakes human at 3am with distraught crying. Human responds with sleepy stumbling around. Kitten requires accompanying to toilet. Kitten requires a whole pot of that gourmet stuff and it had better be the chicken one. Kitten allows human to return to bed.

Kitten begins to cry several minutes later. Kitten requires all of queen size duvet in order to feel better. Human surrenders duvet. Kitten threatens to wake up Human What Has Work Tomorrow instead. Human gives cuddles and immortal soul.

Kitten wakes Human What Has Work Tomorrow.