Hazel Play

Seeing the world from a baby kitten’s point of view. 🙂 

Willow still curious and both have had a look and a paw under the door. Right where we want to be at this stage.

Sleep is for Wimps

Kitten slept downstairs with Human What Cycles to Work, who volunteered for this duty.

Human slept upstairs with Hazel, who managed about five and a half hours of sleep (Human doesn’t think this is bad at all) in her Blankie. 

Hazel is now up and has new favourite game; climb up to high places and squeak for help. 

Eaten, drank and littered. All good so far. 

Kitten can hear Hazel through the door and seems excited to meet her.


Hazel has had cuddles from everyone and is now sleepy. She did pose for a better picture though.

Introducing Hazel

Hello, everyone. The Humans visited the cat shelter and dropped off a food and toys donation, and came away with Hazel. 

Hazel is about 4 months old and can’t meow yet (she squeaks). She won’t meet Willow for about a week while they get used to smelling each other and swapping Blankies. Hazel used to live on a livery yard with horses and dogs and other cats and so she is bold as brass. 

She slept through the car ride home and has eaten and explored her room, and is now tucked up underneath Human duvet for sleeps. 

Second duvet surrendered. Totally worth it.

British Weather

Kitten is cross because it is tipping it down outside. Asking Human to make it stop.

Human has suggested Kitten Shaman do a sun dance. Kitten does not appreciate Human’s ideas.

What Knee Injury?

Kitten has entirely forgotten her knee injury and is trying to be her usual rocket self. Human has no chance of calming energetic fuzzball down.

Kitten has check up with v.e.t in the morning. Taking Vim may help with cat carrier loathing. 

Sky High

Kitten is enjoying these painkillers for her knee. Human suspects she is now Shaman Cat, watching the cosmos unfold and the future expand.

Scaredy Cat

Kitten is a little unnerved after nasty Ginger Tom came and wizzed all over her cat flap, tromped around in his wee and tried to get her through the door. He was unsuccessful.

Horrible Ginger Tom. Kitten now safely in bed and hogging (her) duvet for comfort.