Belated Update

Hi all!

My apologies for the long absence, it’s been a tough start to the year between one thing and another.

Still, you’re not here for me, so let’s have some updates on the Monster!

Monster is now 1 year old and has a boyfriend (Human has inspected this boyfriend and he is a nice, giant lump). Humans have a new sofa that is far preferable to the old one and Monster must have it all to herself or Humans will get the dead eye.

Unfortunately, Kitten has not come home, though is regularly sighted by locals. She has always been a nomad at heart and Humans believe she has found herself a new home after other humans were very clearly feeding her (if her expanding waistline is any indication)! Humans hope she is happy. The blog will continue Monster’s story in her absence and Human will of course update on any Kitten news.

Anyway, some pictures, we know you all love some Monster time…

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