The Rug Story

Humans have a new rug. Kitten first approached it thinking it was a sleeping animal and wasn’t sure at all what to do with it. 

Now we like it. 

Winter Warmers

Monster has always cried when people go into the bathroom without her. This evolved to drinking from the tap and playing with water. Now she must also shower with humans. This is weird.

Kitten has left (kind?) gift of mouse for human breakfasting. In the last three weeks, the total is now fourteen mice, one rat the size of Monster when we first got her, three indeterminate wild birds, some poor bugger’s blue budgie (we have yet to find said poor bugger to confess and apologise) and one very aggressive slice of ham.

If Everyone Was Like Willow…

Then we would be the most fiercely independent, together, smart women at the top of the food chain. We wouldn’t take any sugar from anyone, and we would love the people who chose to be good to us. We might wander, but we would always come back. We wouldn’t let anyone put their mark on us, we would own ourselves and our freedom.

We would be graceful Amazons with multicoloured toe beans.