Non-Teenager Moment

Kitten has been independent for months, strutting her adolescent stuff and proving she don’t need no human and she’s a strong, independent woman.

Today, though, she came to see Human. Now, Kitten is not a lapcat and she does not cuddle. Today she did. Buried face in Human’s arm and purred and cuddled and wanted Mama. 

It was nice. 

I’ll Show You

Act of Defiance I: 

3am. Kitten ensures Human wakes up by shouting. Then crunches remainder of birdie she has caught in the hallway. 

Kitten makes pleased little noise and trots off downstairs. 

Human stands there bewildered and aware Kitten is making a point. 

Human will consider strategy in the morning.


Anyone else ever get that slightly worried feeling when your cat starts purring for no apparent reason? 


Street Cat

Kitten has convinced locals that she is a poor, starving wastrel and has consequently been bagging plenty of extra dinners whilst her humans worry about her long absences. 

She now has a new collar with the words “please do not feed me” on it and a pot belly to show for it.

All Quiet

Kitten and Monster both all fine. Monster has started going outside but doesn’t venture far from the garden. Loves the big tap in the sky.

We’re having a relaxed evening in Human’s study.


Monster is pooped after such a long day. Human What Cycles to Work is a nice radiator.