Lie In

Saturday morning. 5am. 

Kitten comes home wanting breakfast. Whines until Human is awake and feeds both.
5.30am. Decides Monster isn’t allowed to sleep on the bed and it’s hers. 
6am. Whines that her sister exists. Shouts at Human What Cycles to Work. Human explains that Kitten already has her immortal soul and doesn’t know what else to offer. 
6.30am. Kitten cross with Monster for walking past her. Monster cross with Kitten for the bop she got. Both come to cry to Human about their grievances. 
7am. Human tries to go back to sleep. 
7.30am. Kitten having an argument with Monster in the hallway because Monster went into the bathroom (???). Kitten starts said argument and then cries to Human afterward. 
Human is unsympathetic. Human is going back to sleep.