Quickly Settling

Kittens seem quite happy to be with each other, much less hissing (none today, in fact) and wariness. Happening much faster than anticipated.

Humans relieved.

Play Time

Kittens have pretended not to like each other all evening. Now running around the house like hyperactive children playing with each other, happy as Larry. Whoever Larry is.

The Tunnel

Fun and games this morning, kittens playing a new game called Annoy The Crap Out of My Sister by Crushing the Tunnel When She’s In It Then Have a Strop Because I Started a Game and I Don’t Want to Play Anymore.

Received Little Monster’s baby tooth that she lost whilst at the Sleepover. It’s very tiny.


Little Monster is home. All goes quiet after a few hours. Human peeks in on kittens. There is no drama, just chilling.

Human goes to get a drink of water and suddenly the MUUUUUM SHE’S ANNOYING MEEE crap starts now that Human is visibly present.


Alone Time

Kitten is enjoying quiet time before Little Monster comes home this morning. 

Electrician unable to do job. Long (and watery) story. Attempt #2 next weekend. House in disarray.


Little Monster has gone to stay with Human’s fellow Cat Lovers for the weekend, as the Humans are going away and strange men will be in the house smashing up electrics and putting shiny new ones in. 

Spent the day playing with Kitten and trying to touch Humans on the television. 

Now settled in the Sleepover Place with kind Humans and her Blankie.

The Monster

Sometimes, Little Monster is a terror. Sometimes, she’s exactly what Human needs to forget the day. 

And yes. Those are Human’s work trousers. Great bed, if all the kneading is anything to go by.