Serious moment, k?

Sometimes it’s really hard to believe that the kitten we have is the same one who came with us on a summer evening two months ago. 

Despite being so unsure of us and where she was, she was always interested and always watching. The kitten we had then hid under the sofa most days, and grumbled when we touched her. She grumbled at almost everything, in fact.

Now? Now she follows me everywhere and can’t even continue a nap if I leave the room. She talks all the time, she’s much more confident, she plays (gently) so much, she has such vibrant character.

I added ‘gently’ because that’s the amazing thing about Willow. For a kit with such a rough time behind her, she’s so gentle and so loving, even when she’s playing. She’s a kind cat. She’s a well behaved cat. And those things have everything to do with her, not us.

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