Kitten 30 – Human 0

Human What Cycles to Work is knackered and so goes to bed ultra early. 

Kitten decides now is an excellent time to go LARPing and chooses to go as Boudicca.

Kitten marches through the undergrowth of the wilds of Behind the House and smears herself in war paint (read: dog s**t). 

Kitten pisses off local War Chief (read: dog) and runs home. Kitten furious that Humans have given her a human bath but has forgiven Human with a lick. 

Kitten now re-bathing herself as Humans didn’t do a very good job according to cat standards.

NB: Kitten has also discarded the ringy-dingy collar. Her victory will be short-lived.

2 Replies to “Kitten 30 – Human 0”

  1. Finally! The scoring is almost accurate, although it is really Kitten gazillion points–Human zero. Don’t feel bad, Human. You were up against a Kitten–there was never a contest. Kitten wins, always. Purrs, Luna et al


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