Archaeology Cat

Kitten watching Time Team with Human. 

Now gone out to play with new friends from next door who keep the Big Mean Ginger Tom away.


Kitten has survived her outing to the v.e.t, and made conversation with the loud Abyssinian in the next carrier. Suspect she said, “Oh?” and got life story of fellow displeased kitten.

Kitten was slightly underweight three weeks ago at 2.7. Now healthy at 3.1 (which is half the size of our near 6 Orlando). Dr. Evil Human surprised to hear no issues otherwise. 

Boosters done. Kitten in process of forgiving Human What Cycles to Work for putting her in the carrier. 

Human What Betrayed Kitten with a Dog for two weeks also home, all house happy and settled.

Kitten Life

Kitten happy, growing, fur darker and healthier, playing much more, affectionate, talkative, delightful.

Bravely played with Human’s hand and snatched it (gently) in her claws. Assaulted hand with licks. Mighty hunter.

… Suspect all will change when in the carrier to the v.e.t for boosters tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Human isn’t sure there’s much point in Kitten having a name, as she ignores ‘Willow’ and answers to Kitten (but only when it’s pronounced Kit-micropause-tenlikethenumber).

Adorably playing all evening and teaching Human to repurpose socks as toys, not gloves for giant bald(ish) human paws.


Kitten didn’t flinch at the Great Electrician Invasion and has managed two nights out without coming back caked in war paint or an injury. She continues to come back when Human calls and is very interested in those birdies.

For now, though, it’s hot. Nap is best.

Kitten 33 – Human 1

Kitten has returned at 5:33am to demand breakfast. She has now gone to sleep on the window ledge.

Kitten has no respect for Humansleeps.