All Quiet

Kitten and Monster both all fine. Monster has started going outside but doesn’t venture far from the garden. Loves the big tap in the sky.

We’re having a relaxed evening in Human’s study.


Monster is pooped after such a long day. Human What Cycles to Work is a nice radiator.

Monster’s Big Day

Monster has been to the v.e.t and is all okay. V.e.t seemed surprised she is spayed, chipped, vaccinated and insured, which is a pretty sad indication of how often that’s the case.

Monster has had her flea and tick treatment and a worming tablet (no issues in taking it) and now she is free to explore the Wide World of the Garden.

Learned the cat flap for going out. We just now need to learn it works the other way, too.

Monster Lair

Slight case of escaped Monster getting stuck under the decking this morning. Now home and a bit big eyed.

If you like kitties…

Monster’s birth brother, Alf, is owned by the lady who runs Gildersome Cats Protection League near Leeds. He has his own Facebook page and it’s well worth a follow.

Alf Here
Brace for cuteness!


Monster successfully convinced Human What Likes Dogs that she had escaped. Then appeared from underneath the bed, having hidden herself very well. Human could almost hear maniacal cackling.

Kitten has had lazy afternoon. She likes laundry time (those are my trousers, again).